Neoprene is the most versatile material to make seat covers from, and is also our favourite here at Motoquipe. The beauty of this material, is that it is very comfortable, water resistant and hard wearing. 

Neoprene also doesn't overheat, is super easy to clean and dog hair does not stick to it. This makes it the perfect seat cover for those with active lifestyles. Below is a comparison of the leading neoprene seat cover brands on the market.

Ultimate Neoprene Comparison Guide

Wet N Wild

Wet n Wild

The Wet N Wild are a great value, entry level neoprene. Available in black and charcoal, the neoprene is 2mm thick with a foam lining.

In our recent waterproof test, we found that water beaded on top of the material and never soaked in even after several minutes. This is due to a DWR coating which has been applied to the neoprene.
The back and skirting of the covers are made from a stretch fabric material allowing it an easy fit. 3 stitching colours are available: white, red and blue.
At $157 a pair of universal seat covers, the Wet N Wild are a very high quality option at a low price.

Verdict: Good value, DWR coating.




The Getaway is a relative new comer to the neoprene range. The material is a soft 6mm material which includes the neoprene and the waterproof foam lining. Unfortunately Getaway do not specify the actual thickness of the neoprene unlike the Wet N Wild and Wet Seat, but is covered by 3 year warranty.

The back and skirting of the seat covers are made from a stretchy spandex material for an easy fit.
On the waterproof test, the Getaway also did not leak water through to the lining. It did however soak water into the neoprene very quickly and the moisture was held in the material.

The Getaway specialise in pre-made custom sets. For most popular late model vehicles, you have the option of purchasing custom seat covers in this material without having to wait for them to be hand made.  Because they are pre-made, custom pricing is alot cheaper than the Wet N Wild and Wet Seat competitors.
The neoprene is available in 2 colours: black and silver, with 4 different colours stitchings: white, red, blue and purple. Note: The pre-made custom sets are only available in black with white stitching.

Verdict: Large range of pre-made custom sets in stock.


Wet Seat

Wet Seat

The top of the range neoprene on the market. These seat covers are OEM quality, featuring a super dense 2.7mm neoprene with a ribbed rubber lining. The rubber lining provides extra strength and waterproofing to the material.

What really sets the Wet Seat apart from the others, is that neoprene is used all over the seat covers rather than using a stretch fabric on the back and skirting. This full wrap is only found in the highest end seat covers and makes the seat covers much more durable, and also visually more attractive.

On the waterproof test, the water eventually soaked into the neoprene but did not make it through the rubber lining.

The Wet Seat are only available as hand made, and come in a black, grey, beige or pink neoprene. A huge range of stitching colours are available to really customise your seat covers.

Verdict: Highest quality neoprene, full neoprene wrap, rubber lining.