Mats with badge

For the ultimate personalisation of your tailored floor mats, we can have custom badges
and trim colours added to your mats.

Coloured trim
12 different coloured trim options are available for your floor mats. The colour options are:
Black, brown, grey, teal, bright red, silver, yellow gold, plum red, green, purple,
electric blue and light blue.

Custom badge with custom font
After deciding on your badge text, any font can be selected to be used on the badge.  
The badge can be further customised by selecting the colour of the: main body, main outline,
background and background outline.

Badge design

3 Badge sizes to choose from
Badges are available in 3 different sizes.
Rectangle 20 x 100mm
Rectangle 40 x 100mm
Oval 50 x 100mm

Badge positioning
You can then select the location you would like the badges to appear on each of your floor mats.

Optional heel pad
An optional PVC heel pad can be added at extra charge, although not required because of the
high quality carpet pile used.

Because these mats are 100% tailored to your specifications, they are not returnable and can take
up to 10 working days to be made.