Sheepskin seat covers can be a complicated product to buy online. There are so many different variations of sheepskin seat covers available on the market. Depending what quality and feature you are looking for, it can be difficult choosing the right one.
This guide will go through the different sheepskin seat covers in our range and will hopefully help you choose the skin to suit your requirements and budget.


$220.99 Pair
The Explorer is the entry level sheepskin in our range and is only available in charcoal colour. It is almost half the price of the next step up, so I would not purchase this expecting the finest sheepskin available on the market. It is what the manufacturers call a diamond cut sheepskin or patchwork sheepskin, as the seat cover is made from pieces of sheepskin stitched together.
Because of this, it is not as hard wearing or smooth as a sheepskin seat cover made from a full one piece skin. Being a natural product, sometimes you may have colour variation from the patch work.
The back, sides and skirting of the seat cover are an acrylic fur for easy stretch and fitting. The Explorer features a rear map pocket and comes with a 12 month guarantee. The seat covers are fitted with standard buckle and clip system.  The Explorer is now available for vehicles with side integrated airbags in the front seats, featuring Deploy Safe stitching technology.

Quality 5/10
Value for money 8/10
Our overall rating 6.5/10
Verdict: Only recommended if you are on a strict budget of under $250.


$350.99 Pair
The Drover is the first sheepskin seat covers in the range which has a full skin at the front of the seat. It has a very silky smooth 16mm thick pile and boasts a 3 year extended Motoquipe guarantee. 
These sheepskin seat covers also feature the Deploy Safe stitching technology making it suitable for vehicles with or without side airbags. The Drover also have extra features such as front pocket, side pocket and rear map pocket.
Drover is available in charcoal, grey, black, ivory or mocha colour.

Quality 8/10
Value for money 9/10
Our overall rating 8.5/10
Verdict: Fantastic seat covers, good quality for the price. Includes Deploy Safe stitching all for under $400.


$389.98 Pair
The Rivergum features 20mm thick pile of sheepskin and 4 year extended warranty. It has all the features included in the Drover. The price of the Rivergum is about $50 more than the Drover and I find the skin is noticeably thicker and silkier.  
The Rivergum is available in charcoal, grey, black, ivory or mocha colour.

Quality 8.5/10
Value for money 9/10
Our overall rating 8.75/10
Verdict: Superior to the Drover in every way. For those who have a budget of up to $400.


$454.98 Pair
The Snowyfleece is our best selling sheepskin seat cover. It features 25mm sheepskin and a 5 year extended Motoquipe guarantee. It is not surprising this is the most popular as it is only $50 more than the Rivergum and has a thicker and more comfortable skin, with an extra 5mm thick pile. The Snowyfleece has the biggest jump in quality for the price.
Snowyfleece is available in charcoal, grey, black, ivory or mocha colour.

Quality 9/10
Value for money 10/10
Our overall rating 9.5/10
Verdict: For only $50 more than the Rivergum, this is a no brainer. Our top selling sheepskin seat cover.


$545.99 Pair
The Adventurer is a sheepskin seat cover for the more particular buyer. It has the same 25mm thick as the Snowyfleece but has genuine sheepskin skirting and base rather than the acrylic fur which is featured in the Snowyfleece. The back is still made from acrylic fur. The guarantee is also increased to 6 years.
Adventurer is available in charcoal, grey, black, ivory or mocha colour.

Quality 9.5/10
Value for money 8/10
Our overall rating 8.75/10
Verdict: Sheepskin seat cover buyers who require genuine sheepskin skirting and base will want the Adventurer.  


$649.99 Pair
As soon as you pick up the bag of Longreach sheepskin seat covers, it is immediately noticeable how much heavier it is compared to the rest of the sheepskins in the range. The Longreach is the finest quality and thickest pile sheepskin we carry. It features a 27mm thick sheepskin pile and a 7 year Motoquipe extended guarantee.  The pile is also noticeably thicker and more luxurious than the others.
The Longreach are also the only sheepskin seat covers which are full sheepskin, with no acrylic fur at all. Because of this, the back is opened up to allow for an easier fit. Genuine sheepskin does not have the stretch of acrylic fur, so the open back is required. Because of the very thick 27mm pile, Deploy Safe stitching technology is not available, so the Longreach is not airbag compatible.
Longreach is available in charcoal, grey, black, ivory or mocha colour.

Quality 10/10
Value for money 8/10
Our overall rating 9/10
Verdict: For those who want the finest and most luxurious sheepskin seat covers. Not airbag compatible.

Sheepskin Insert

$311.99 Pair
The Sheepskin Insert are seat covers which do not cover the headrest, sides, skirting or back of the seat. These are suitable for the buyer who do not want a full fitting seat cover, or remove their seat covers on a regular basis. The inserts are quick and easy to fit and remove and come with buckles and clips for fastening. They feature 20mm thick sheepskin and 12 month warranty.
Sheepskin Inserts are available in charcoal, grey, black, ivory or mocha colour.

Quality 8.5/10
Value for money 7.5/10
Our overall rating 8/10
Verdict: For those who do not want a full fitting seatcover. Great quality sheepskin product.