Canvas is the most hard wearing and rugged seat cover material.  It is the best solution when ultimate protection for your seats is required.  

We sell 2 popular brands of canvas: Outback Canvas and Black Duck canvas.
Both brands have their pros and cons, and we outline them here for you:

  Outback Canvas Black Duck
Canvas type 11.6oz cotton canvas  15.6oz heavy duty Australian canvas
Lining  Foam backing No lining
Back/Skirting material Poly stretch fabric 12oz heavy duty Australian canvas
Custom Price (per row)  $339 From $399
Universal Available  Yes No
Value Premade Packs  Yes No
Universal Front Price  $128 pair N/A
Warranty   5 years 12month satisfaction guarantee
Pattern Range Nearly all cars  Large range of cars, trucks, agricultural and earth moving vehicles
Custom made timeframe 7-10 days  5-10 days
Colours Available Black and charcoal  Grey, black and brown as standard
Airbag Allowance  Deploy Safe stitching Airbag seam
Logo  No Black Duck logo
Tie System Ties  Heavy duty strap with velcro
Brand  Ilana  Black Duck
Waterproof Front of seats  All over
Applications Casual 4WDing  Commercial use, mining and farming
Comfort  Moderate comfort Tough and hard canvas

How to read this chart.


As you can see, Black Duck is a clearly superior seat cover in terms of specifications, but higher in price and lacks a universal fitting option.  For more information, checkout our Ultimate canvas seat cover comparison guide.