The top quality canvas seat covers by Black Duck are famous for their durability and are
the perfect seat covers for trade, mining, agricultural vehicles, or anyone looking for maximum protection
for their seats. Most people purchase these in the common colours: grey, black or brown which are
very practical and blend well with the interior of most vehicles. But what if you want to add some extra
personality to your interior, but still keep the famous Black Duck durability?

Black Duck have now come out with a range of non standard colours which you can select to really
customise the look of your interior.

Black Duck non standard colours

For an extra $79 per row, we can custom make your Black Duck seat covers in beige, blue, bright green,
dark green, khaki, light sand, maroon, navy blue or olive.

For an extra $119 per row, we can custom make your seat covers in camouflage canvas. 

Please note that these non standard colour are not a stocked item and need to be hand made.
Allow approximately 4-6 weeks for the set to be made.